FAQ - Height, Weight and Race

Q: How are the Heights and Weights tables calculated?
For Humans:
 Height is 5'9'' + (3*STR-CON)'
 Weight is 11 + (STR+CON-AG)/2 stone.

Q: How does the race mods for Height and Weights work?
For other races the heights are modified by a sequence where every +5 categories height doubles (5', 6', 7', 8', 9', 10', 12' etc) and every +2 categories weight doubles (2lb, 3lb, 4lb, 6lb etc).
This means that height goes up at 2.5 times the rate weight does, which is based upon observation of height/weight relationships for different size animals in the same class.

Q: Why these formulas for Height and Weight?
If CON=STR and agility is average then the formula become:
  Height is 5'9'' + (2*STR)'
  Weight is 11 + STR stone.
This simple formula takes an average build (5'9'', 11 stone) then varies it for the character's strength (assuming that strength is strongly related to body mass) whilst maintaining a similar build.

If CON<STR then you become slightly taller and less heavy (i.e. weedier).
If CON>STR then you become smaller and heavier (i.e. stockier).

If you’re agile then you’d expect to be of slighter build, and not overly tall. So you can’t make the person slighter by making them taller, you have to make them more compact. Hence AG affects only weight.

Q: What is the distribution for Height and Weight?
The distribution for Heights is:
The distribution for Weights is:

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