Sunday 9 October 2022

Original Scenarios Resurrected VI: Clearwater Caverns (1979, Andrew Ravenscroft)

Welcome to the sixth entry in the series Original Scenarios Resurrected: D&D scenarios from the 70s and early 80s republished with the permission of the authors, usually together with extra contemporaneous material. Today we turn to Clearwater Caverns by Andrew Ravenscroft, illustrated by Quentin Manley. For all earlier installments see here.

Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with Andy Ravenscroft, in particular his previously featured scenario The Temple of Psaan. Today we jump back a year to September 1979, and Clearwater Caverns. Clearwater Caverns are a natural occuring cave occupied by a tribe of Troglodytes and a variety of nasty cave-dwelling critters. It is a short low-level standalone exploration adventure, and was just one of three adventures featured in Demonsblood #4, but while short it has quite a few interesting features worth pointing out.

The adventure is part of a recurring sub-zine, Andy Ravenscroft's "The Raven Croaks". In the downloadable pdf I've included the entire sub-zine, and since one of the illustrations in the 'zine depicts a monster not given a name or stats until Demonsblood #6, I've included that as well.