Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Ten Examples of When Size Matters

In my last post I introduced ranks for measuring things, now it's time to apply that by seeing how it can answer 10 completely different questions.

Note that Explore doesn’t have hit points, it uses a saving-throw mechanic, so in this discussion I refer to “Kill” and “Survive” instead of damage and hit points. +3 on kill makes you twice as likely to kill something, +3 on survive makes you twice as likely to survive. You could adapt this system to use damage and hit points.

Q1: What are the stats for a Dwarf?
Humanoids are given a size which affects both height and weight, then an extra negative height mod for short & stout races, or positive height mod for tall & thin ones.
A Dwarf is size -1, but they’re short and stout so get an extra height mod of -1. So 6’ becomes 4’6'' (@ -2) and 180lbs becomes 125lbs (@-1). (There’s a simple lookup table for converting exact heights).
The size -1 also gives them -1 on Athletics and Kill. They have +1 hardiness, which cancels out this penalty, so they get +0 for Survive and Encumbrance.
So 4'6'', 125lbs, -1 Athletics, -1 Kill.

Q2: What are the stats for a Giant?
If it’s double the height/length, then the Giant version of any monster is Size +3, Weight +3, which gives it +3 to Strength, Kill, and Survive. This applies the same to humanoids, wolves, and crocodiles.

Q3: What are the stats for a Stone Statue?
An increase in density is always accompanied by a matching increase in weight, or decrease in size.
So a stone version of a monster is +3 density and +3 weight, which gives it +6 to Strength and Kill, +3 to Armour (for density), and +3 to Survive (for weight).

Q4: Can my Halfling use this Ogre’s magic dagger as a sword?
A normal dagger is 1’4’’, but this Ogre is size +3 so its dagger is size +3, or 2’, which is the size of a short sword; so they can use it as a magic short sword.

Q5: How much does my Halfling’s armour weigh?
Mail Hauberk over a quilted doublet with a Steel Cap normally weighs 16+3+1 = 20 lbs. At size -3, each item is -3 weight ranks, or 6+1+6 oz= 7lb 6oz (there are race-specific equipment lists). This reduction matters if you bother with tracking encumbrance!

Q6: How much is that golden statue I just killed worth?

Its density is +9, so it weighs 180lbs +9 ranks gives 4,000 lbs = 64,000 oz = 64,000 gp! I'd suggest to the DM to make it lead coated with gold... Still, at +18 kill, +9 armour, +9 survive you’re unlikely to kill it.

Q7: Can my PC survive a fall of 200’?
A fall of 10’ is a +0 survival roll, each +1 rank on the height of the drop gives +1 on the roll.
200’ is more than 160’, but not as big as the next value, so that’s +8 on the Kill roll. And you don’t get to take damage reduction from your armour. Ouch!

Q8: What is the Kill bonus for my ballista?
The ballista is just a large crossbow with the same range. My ballista is 5’ wide where my light crossbow is 1’8’’, so that’s Size +8, which means it’s +8 on Kill (you’re unlikely to survive a hit!). The bolts are 2oz +8 size => 2lbs.

Q9: What negative do I get when shooting 90’ away?
The standard distance for all missile weapons is 20’. Beyond that you get -1 on your attack roll per rank. 90’ falls into the 80’ rank, so is -4 attack. (A target nearer than 20’ doesn’t give you a bonus unless the target is prone).

Q10: I'm not strong so get -3 to kill on my spear throw. Does this affect how far can I throw it?
The range of a spear is 225’. Your -3 on kill means you’re not throwing it hard enough, so you get -3 range, which is 80’

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