Sunday, 11 October 2015

Zebras & Ziggurats


Zebras & Ziggurats (Z&Z) is a new Fantasy Role Playing Game where you take on the role of a Long Necked Stripey Zebra in their attempt to explore strange pyramids and battle fearsome monsters, all the while attempting to be as Stripey as possible.
Zuggy, a fierce Zebra warrior wielding a light sabre.
Character Creation
Character creation is quite quick.
1. Select a Race. In the basic game the only player race is the Long Necked Stripey Zebra.
2. Choose Sex. It makes no difference to anything, but our female Zebra often wears a flower in her fur whilst she is battling monsters.
Zebbe feels that the flower enhances her Stripeyness.
3. Choose a Name. The only rule is it must start with a Z.
4. Roll your Stats. There is only one stat - Stripeyness. Roll 7d6, and add the total. Each dice can be rerolled any number of times until you like the number.
5. Choose skills to learn: There is Zonk (melee and hand-to-hand) Zap (skill with a gun), Zing (athletics/acrobatics etc). You get to be level 1 in one, level 2 in a second, and level 3 in the third, giving you +10%, +20% and +30%.
Zak chose to be level 3 in Zap.
6. You can choose any secondary skill you like, to add some depth to you character.
Ziggy plays guitar.
Task Resolution
All tasks (including combat) are resolved the same way. You roll d% and add your stripeyness, and need to beat 100. However, before you can do so you have to check how stripey your Zebra is feeling. You must roll under their stripeyness with a d%, else they are too busy being stripey, and do nothing. This is very important, and is core to the game. Typical Zebra behaviour when they are too busy being stripey is to start doing a funny dance, start counting their stripes, admiring themselves in a mirror, take a quick nap, or ask someone for a hug.

I would detail the game further, but so far all the Zebras have been too busy being stripey for us to achieve anything.

An aged Zebra passes on ancient knowledge to the young of the tribe.

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