Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Natural 20

I used very little of the content of D3 - there's a large proportion of it being endless stats for the estates of the Drow families, and the Fane of Lolth is pointless as Lolth had nothing to do with the Giant attacks. Unlike the previous modules (which were great) Gygax never ran D3, and it really shows. My players were on the heels of Eclavdra, and tracked her down to the Eilservs estate. A bit of scouting revealed there was a human sacrifice to the Elder Elemental God planned for that very night and they followed the procession from the compound to the secret underground temple. I made this a copy of the one from G3 (where they had wisely not touched anything). They watched as the ceremony got underway:

For effect I had changed the ritual slightly so the drums were beaten and the chimes rung and the triangle struck to start the ritual, it then became translucent and the players had 3 rounds to save the sacrifice. Foddy ended up fighting Eclavdra next to the altar at the point the eye appeared and the tentacle grabbed the nearest living creature - which happened to be Eclavdra. As she was grabbed she attempted to grab hold of Foddy to save herself and I ruled that on a roll of 20 she'd grab hold of him.

Natural 20.

Foddy is drawn into the altar along with Eclavdra. Silence at the table.

I left it for about 30 seconds before one of them remembered they had a ring of three wishes (from G3) with one wish left...

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