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Explore is a High Fantasy Role Playing Game I wrote that I've been play testing for about three years. Its design principles are:

- to cope with vastly varying scales of size/ability everything is logarithmic (if +4 is double the size, or twice as good as +1, then so is +7 compared to +4)

- all decisions, actions, and consequences are from the point of view of the character (if the player improves or uses skill X that's because their character improves or uses skill X) 

- always prefer the simpler solution

- avoid arbitrariness in rules (e.g. don't make it up if I can look it up or work it out)

- use a pre-existing solution if it fits, don't use it if it doesn't (neither novelty or familiarity are necessarily better)

- rules don't work until you've used them in play (it doesn't matter how good they look on paper)

I'm currently working on writing up the rules, incorporating all the feedback from playtesting, posting each section as I get it ironed out. There's an index below, and I've included separate FAQ pages on each of the entries where I can address questions about the rules (e.g. the motive or the stats behind the rule). When this is complete I'll combine the lot into a set of rules.

All the blog posts about Explore are given here. As it's been in play testing all the time I've been writing the blog some of the posts have slightly out of date information, but they contain quite a few rules that I haven't written up in the latest form.

If you've got any comments to make on any post I endeavor to reply within a day. I think I only failed to reply twice!

Character Generation
Stats     FAQ
Height, Weight, and Race     FAQ
Levels, XP, and Classes    FAQ
Skill Points    FAQ

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