Saturday, 2 May 2015

Character Sheet Origami

Are character sheets taking up too much space at your table?

Do they get in the way?

Don't let your game be ruled by A4!

Reclaim space for Miniatures! Drinks! Snacks! Props!

Leverage the power of Origami today!!!

A couple of years ago halfway through a gaming session I had a flash of inspiration - I could do character sheets on a sheet of A4 folded in half. For those of you not familiar with the ancient art of Origami, here is an illustrative example of folding a sheet of paper in half to make a 4 page A5 booklet:

I know this is groundbreaking stuff and may be taking you outside your comfort zone, but I hope you're managing to follow this.

With this system, you can put say put stats and skills on the front, combat information on the back, equipment and notes inside.

Unfortunately as is often the way with great leaps forward in the progress of mankind, I discover I am not the first to make this discovery. Or the second. Not even the tenth.

Here is a fifth edition D&D character sheet. Then there is the eight page Pathfinder / 3.5 character sheet (I think there's a clue that your game's too complicated!). Some people have done A5 old school D&D character sheets, but Delving Deeper has gone one step further with sideways A5 character sheets. That's bold!

In story game world they have gone one step further to the ultimate - tri fold character sheets. "this is almost as important as "character sheet" was when someone thought of it(possibly they're overselling it).

But my favourite for sheer off-the-wall wacky ideas has to be the character sheet as an envelope for storing things in!

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