Monday 23 March 2015


In Explore there are three pairs of stats:


Each is a bonus +3 to -3. (There is no 18 Strength gives +3, a strong character simply has Strength +3), the total bonus is 0, and stats in a pair cannot differ by more than 2.

Why these six?
I liked the idea of linking pairs of stats so that a high Strength character is also likely to have a high Constitution. (It has to be Constitution as Stamina sounds too SciFi). That means an even number of stats, 4 stats is too few, and 10 is too many, hence it's got to be 6 or 8 stats.

It's common to have a pair of stats for Agility / Dexterity / Quickness / Reactions / Reflexes. I've gone for Agility and Reflexes.

For the mental stats it's a bit tricky - do you have two or four?

I dislike using a roll on Intelligence / Logic / Reasoning  to solve problems - it's always more fun to set players a puzzle to solve themselves. Similarly Charisma / Personality / Presence / Charm is generally superfluous as players usually attempt to persuade NPCs through Role Play. Hence I've settled on two mental stats: Intuition and Memory.

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